ASE Promotion Video

Group project done by me and Qi. The promotion video of virtual bike company Adrenaline Sports Extreme. 

  • Role: Video Editor/ Videographer
  • Software: Premiere
  • Fields: Promotion Video

About this Project

This project aiming to showcase the 3 point lighting technique we learn during term2. The outdoor footages are provided by the instructor. The interview footage is done by ourselves. I responded to the video editing part, Qi responded to the background music.

Design Process

3 points lighting set up

Editing idea
We are trying to make a very rhythmic background music, with the sport atmosphere. After Qi made the rough background music, I try to fit the video clips into the beats. Make the transition of video clips right on the drum beats.

When I put the rough background music and my rough editing together, I found out that some place is very hard to fit together, so I had to make lots of adjustments in the Garageband which is the music creating software we used. This reedit spend me more than two hours.

Final Project

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