Hungry Hippo Brand

Hungry Hippo is a healthy food kit delivery company, this project includes logo design, business card design, delivery box 3D mock done in Photoshop.

  • Role: Designer
  • Tools: Adobe Photoshop
  • Fields: Graphic Design

About this Project

This project was all done in Adobe Photoshop, including vector&pixel graphics design, 3D environment mock which include using the lighting and mapping skills. 

Design Process


According to the product and services of Hungry Hippo, I picked some well-known food kit delivery brand identity and the ideal brand present of our products to making a moodboard as an inspiration.

From the moodboard and the concept of the brand, I choose green and orange as two main color to represent the Hungry Hippo branding. 


I create five logo sketches for Hungry Hippo at the beginning and provide those to the client.


After meeting with the client, we decided to use the second one.  I make the vector logo design in Photoshop with the pen tool.

Pick a font for the wordmark, and make the logo colored with two main colors I chose.

Final Project