Dayu Music Video

Create a music video of “big fish”, which is a story from Taoism about 2300 years ago. The author is Chuang Tzu, his mind is free, free, big fish on behalf of freedom.

  • Role: Director
  • Software: Illustrator/After Effects
  • Fields: Music Video

About this Project

This music video aiming to use different skills I learned in Adobe After Effect during term3. Part of the characters and the background were done in the Adobe Illustrator. 

Design Process

Story board version 1

At the very beginning, I create the first version of the storyboard according to the content of the music. Each frame related to each sentence of lyric. During making the video, I found out some sentence in the lyric is not very long enough to show the whole content, so I decide to change the storyboard, and I created the second storyboard.

Background making process

Final Project

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